Technology Insights for Engineering Firms



How Top Performing Engineering Firms are Managing Their IT

It’s hard not to be excited about the technical advances in the engineering industry. BIM, digital twins, alternate/ virtual/ mixed reality, and others are all amazing new tools, but they put big demands on your IT systems. Your network needs to keep up the pace.

To get the best performance out of their IT infrastructure, engineering firms are focusing their IT efforts and budgets in a few key areas. Their goal is to get the best results out of the network and applications they run today, while leaving open the opportunity for newer and better tools without limitations.


10 Ways Your Engineering Firm is at Risk From Hackers

Why your firewall and antivirus are not enough

Cybercrime is at an all time high and hackers target SMBs because an SMB does not have an entire team of IT Security Specialists


Engineering Firm’s Guide to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Most small and mid-sized engineering firms aren’t doing enough when it comes to business continuity and disaster planning. Are you?


10 Disaster Planning Essentials for Engineering Firms

Learn about the 10 things you should have in place to make sure your business could be back up and running quickly after a disaster.


Security Scorecard for Engineering Firms

Not sure your IT security is good enough? Answer 8 simple, non-technical questions to find out how well you’re protecting your engineering firm.

Case Study

How a 50-Person Engineering Firm Optimized Their Autodesk Revit Performance

This case study highlights how an engineering firm achieved 50% increase in performance with their new VPN and 30-40% improved Autodesk Revit performance.

Solutions Breif

Modern Tools to Keep Engineers Connected and Productive

Teams don’t connect personally and share ideas enough, especially as they become dispersed. Being disconnected can affect the quality of work that gets done and the time required to complete it. The modern answer is a comprehensive set of tools that are easy to use and support collaboration.


An Engineering Firm’s Guide to IT Support Services and Fees

If your engineering firm is looking for an IT support services firm to take care of your unique tech needs, this guide will equip you with the tools you need to find a competent firm that you can trust.


12 Questions Engineering Firms Should Ask Before Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud? Here are 12 questions you should ask before you do.

Solution Brief

Secure File Sharing for Engineering Firms

Learn how to share files securely and the benefits of doing so.


Pros and Cons: Managed IT Support Services vs the Cost of Hiring

Pros and Cons of Hiring Full Time IT Staff vs. IT Support Outsourcing