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Avoid the IT Money Pit. Stop wasting money on IT services and use this proven plan

If your IT services aren’t working for you, or your IT team is ovewhelmed, you’re experiencing the same struggles as many midsized businesses. We’ve put together a hassle-free IT plan for the non-technical executive who is tired of dealing with IT headaches. The IT Money Pit series includes the following free guides:

  • * Dealing with IT headaches as a midsized business? Here’s why.
  • * The one tool that will streamline your IT department
  • * The 6-step IT roadmap for midsized companies
  • * Your IT roadmap made easy


What should you expect to pay for IT support in Chicago?

Download our FREE report to discover what most IT service companies in the Chicagoland area charge, what you should expect to pay for quality IT support without unnecessary extras and hidden fees. If you’re looking to outsource some or all of your support, this guide will equip you with the tools to find a competent firm you can trust.


See What Clients Like You Are Saying

I wish we could clone all of you

I just wanted to send out a note of thanks to your entire staff. Matt has been especially helpful in the past few weeks. And of course as always Mazen is stellar. I really wish we could clone all of you. I don’t think I have ever worked with a better group. Thanks again for all the hard work!

Spine Consultants

InhouseCIO was a life saver

InhouseCIO was a life saver when we were in a situation where our director had to be out for extended leave. They were quickly able to come to our rescue and addressed numerous concerns that had been present for a period of time. Communication is frequent and open. Response time is wonderful! Professionalism is always present.


No one talks computerese to me

When InhouseCIO says they are going to fix something, it actually gets fixed in a timely manner, and stays fixed too. No one talks computerese to me, they explain in plain language what needs to be explained, leaving out all of the tech talk.

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