Flat Monthly Fee

Eliminate the high costs of IT crisis

Many small and midsize businesses today are tired of the troublesome, reactive “if it breaks, we’ll fix it” approach which can be very costly. You probably still remember the last time you had an IT crisis. You probably had frustrated employees, your systems were down for a long time and on top of that you had to pay exorbitant fees to fix your IT systems. InhouseCIO’s service plans help you avoid these types of crisis by proactively managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure.

Predictable IT budgeting

The goal of these service plans is to allow you to budget for your IT with a flat fee while improving reliability and performance of your IT systems. InhouseCIO will provide you with a flat monthly fee customized for your organization right from the start. This gives your organization the flexibility of a predicable monthly budget and more importantly, much deserved peace of mind.

Serving All of your IT Needs - At a Flat Monthly Fee

InhouseCIO provides the support of full time IT team without the financial burden of having these team members on your payroll. This allows you to focus on your business without having to dedicate an individual or individuals in your company to IT management. Our IT services will help improve your organization’s productivity, efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. To get a free quote, just fill out our online form or call us at 877-361-3499