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How midsized businesses use the cloud to simplify IT

How to remove complexity so your team can focus on the important things

Somewhere along the line, while you were focused on your customers and growing the business, technology took over. The applications, systems, and servers you depended on to get things done now demand more and more of your time, money and resources.

More business technology means more things to buy, manage, maintain, patch, update and upgrade. And a more mobile workforce means more devices and users to connect, support and secure.

The biggest companies have whole departments to handle all of that. But for small and medium-sized businesses, the IT burden is becoming unsustainable – pulling valuable resources away from the things that matter most.

That’s changing. The cloud is here to simplify your business.

What the eGuide includes:

  1. Who works for who
    A new generation of cloud based applications and services are changing the way midsized businesses run their IT systems.
  2. Why the cloud simplifies your life
    This is no passing fad: it’s the way to run IT for your business. And it’s so much simpler.
  3. Three steps to the cloud
    Few businesses go all-in to the cloud overnight.
  4. Next steps
    Your business is carrying to much IT and too much complexity.